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Management & Leadership Principles

Lead Your Team to Extraordinary Bottom-Line Results

Leaders are interwoven throughout your entire organization, from front-line to the top level. They are the link between your employees and your company’s strategic, bottom-line goals. Investing in your leaders’ knowledge, skills and abilities is the quickest, most efficient way to positively impact your company’s initiatives and bring growth to your entire organization. Our Management and Leadership seminars impart advanced tips, tricks, and tools to give your leaders a strategic advantage in your industry.

You must attend at least one Management and Leadership Principles seminar if you are working toward a Management Development Certificate. This competency is not required for the Professional Development Certificate.

By completing our professional development seminars, you can apply the knowledge you gain and your continuing education credits (CEUs) towards a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Learning. Learn more about a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Learning or email UofL Online Learning for more information.

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