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Consult MSAA

Innovative Consulting for Your Business

Gain fresh perspectives and solutions with Consult MSAA

The College of Business at the University of Louisville is proud to offer Consult MSAA. This consulting is your opportunity to utilize smart, talented, and innovative Master of Science in Accounting Analytics (MSAA) students to research a key strategic initiative and to develop a strategic plan for your company’s leadership team.

With extensive faculty oversight, the teams provide consulting and research services which seek to strengthen your core business, examine strategic initiatives, address significant operational challenges, or explore potential new markets. Services are provided over an 8-10 week timetable.

  • Faculty guided
  • Receive extensive research, analysis, and recommendations
  • All data and client relationships are confidential
  • Connect to graduating MSAA students and “test-drive” their talents as potential employees

If your company would benefit from having additional resources to conquer a critical strategic initiative or to vet new ideas with your leadership, marketing, and/or operations teams, we encourage you to access talented UofL MSAA students to tackle these issues.

  • Please complete the MSAA Project Request Form outlining your needs.

Please email for details.

ConsultMSAA Project Request Form: MSAA Student Consultancy

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