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Teach: Virtue Ethics Tools

The following tools are some of our favorites for teaching virtue ethics.

  • Please tell our community about how you use these tools and ask people for advice about how they use the tools on our LinkedIn groups page.
  • If you have tools that you like to use when overviewing leadership, and you are willing to share them with us, please let us know by sending a message to

Aristotle and Virtue Theory: Crash Course Philosophy #38

  • YouTube Video
    • Price: Free
    • By Crash Course
    • Date of Posting: December 5, 2016
  • Summary: This is a great introduction to virtue ethics. It does not go deep into the philosophy – some other tool would be needed for depth. But to give students a basic understanding of key principles, this is great. It could be used in conjunction with cases and stories, and have students evaluate people in the stories, with the specific intent of helping students see how different concepts from the video apply in a diverse array of situations.

A Note on Virtues and Virtuous Character

  • Technical Note
    • Price: $4.25
    • By Ed Freeman, Pat Werhane, and Scott Sonenshein
    • Darden Business Publishing
    • Date of Publishing: 2000
  • Summary: This reading goes deeper into the philosophy and application of virtue ethics. It works best as a reading outside of class, to be used in conjunction with other teaching tools.