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Teach: Following and Followership Tools

The following tools are some of our favorites for teaching following and followership.

  • Please tell our community about how you use these tools and ask people for advice about how they use the tools on our LinkedIn groups page.
  • If you have tools that you like to use when overviewing leadership, and you are willing to share them with us, please let us know by sending a message to

Magellan versus Quesada: To mutiny or not to mutiny?

  • Case study
    • Price: $4.25
    • By Urs Muller
    • ESMT Berlin
    • Date of Publication: 2019
  • Summary: This case provides a useful opportunity for classes to learn about following by considering its opposite: mutiny. Instructors can use it to discuss questions such as, “How bad do people have to think their manager is before they contemplate open resistance?” “What alternatives do they have?” “What is authority and why do people submit to it?” “What is a ‘good’ follower?” “What happens when managers deviate from conventions in negative ways?”