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Undergraduate Student Organizations

The College of Business encourages participation in student organizations. The organizations bring together students with similar career goals and interests, provide an association with business leaders in the community, enhance the students, faculty, and staff, and stimulate the classroom experience.

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary accounting, finance, and CIS organization.  Beta Alpha Psi helps its members prepare for transition into the professional world.  Beta Alpha Psi provides opportunities to learn about career paths and opportunities, navigate through the recruiting process, prepare for the CPA exam, and interact with practicing professionals, in both professional and social settings.  The University of Louisville chapter, chartered in 1984, sends representatives to both regional and annual meetings of Beta Alpha Psi.

President: Jacob Day,
Faculty Advisor: Peter Aghimien,

College of Business Student Council

The Student Government of the College of Business is known as the College of Business Student Council. The purpose of the council is to lead and speak for the students on any matter of common interest to students. The Council shall promote academic and extra-curricular life of students within the college and facilitate cooperation among students, faculty members, and administration. All students are welcome!

President: Alexis Mowen,
Staff Advisor:
Renecia Davis,


Enactus is a global non-profit community of students, academics, and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives.

Faculty Advisor: David J. Faulds,

Equine Clubs

There are five equestrian riding teams at the University of Louisville as well as the opportunity for student-driven field trips and events.

Riding and Racing Club
ISSRA Saddle Seat team President:
IHSA Western team President:
IHSA Hunt team President:
Faculty Advisor: Terri Burch,, 502-852-4859

Polo Team
President: Aramie Bloom,
Faculty Advisor: Terri Burch,, 502-852-4859

Eventing Team
Faculty Advisor: Terri Burch,, 502-852-4859

Investment Club

The purpose of the Investment Club is to develop members’ investing knowledge and skills. Meetings will typically include an evaluation of the current investment environment and investing issues. Some meetings will include a discussion of careers in the investment industry, sometimes with guest speakers. All currently enrolled UofL students are welcome.

President: Tyler Frakes,
Faculty Advisor:  Christopher Stivers,

Minority Achievement Program (M.A.P.)

The purpose of M.A.P is to gather members of a minority group and hone their professional skills and abilities through the interaction of a mentor and mentee relationship. You will be partnered with a Mentor with specific interests and goals that are shared by both individuals.  Each member of M.A.P. has an opportunity to gain real career experience from expertly trained mentors in their careers.  Each member will experience a true aspect of the business culture while making connections and learning from their mentors while they share their stories, knowledge, and experience.  In addition to being connected with a Mentor, you will also be a part of a group of students who have similar experiences that the group can share and learn from.  

M.A.P. your way to success at the College of Business and find a home that you can call your own!

President:  Lacey Mcewen,
Faculty Advisor:  Jerome Thomas,

National Association of Black Accountants

To encourage, assist, and develop minority students entering the accounting and finance professions.

President: Tylan Sullivan,
Faculty Advisor: Michael Wade,

Student Marketing Association

The Student Marketing Association (SMA) was formed to provide opportunities to its members to help further them in a potential marketing career. These opportunities include, but are no means limited to: business and educational contacts, networking opportunities, outings and tours, discussion groups, and speakers – all related to marketing and business practices. The members of SMA also hold extreme value in serving our community and school, as well as providing leadership opportunities to those involved.

President: TBA
Faculty Advisor: David Faulds,

Graduate Clubs & Organizations