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September 9, 2019 Jill Wegenast
Jeff Guan with International MSBA students

A hallmark of a great teacher is the ability to take complicated processes, cut through the rhetoric, and deliver concepts in clear, digestible language. It’s the capacity to meet learners at their level and then elevate their understanding which often separates “another class” to “gamechanger.”

It’s also a skill that translates outside the classroom. Whether it’s in the halls of academia or a 60-second soundbite, the teachable moment is any which provides insight into a world unfamiliar to the audience. Spend any amount of time speaking to Dr. Jeff Guan, about AI or business analytics, and his passion and expertise come across as equal parts affable and insightful. Being able to provide real-world examples with humor and anecdotes, demystifies the world of AI. It’s easy to get lost in the rhetoric and jargon of tech-loaded buzz words, but it’s truly a gift to present the world of AI as tangible.

While Dr. Guan’s insights into AI has made him a key faculty member in the MSBA program, it’s the guidance and insight he offers to international students which equally exemplifies a commitment to improving the lives of those around him. 

Dr. Guan helped coordinate a recent welcome lunch for international students, driving several students from campus up to the home of lunch host College of Business Board of Advisors member Sundeep Dronawat (‘96/’01) in Prospect, Kentucky. At the luncheon, Dr. Guan could be found among the students, introducing them to College of Business faculty and UofL President Neeli Bendapudi, as well as engaging them in conversation about everything from graduate internships to getting around Louisville. 

The international students—some only being in Louisville for a handful of days— were grateful to have a friendly face actively looking out for them. It’s that level of engagement that transcends barriers of distance and language—degrees and aspirations—and speaks to the heart of education: the opportunity to grow and excel in our passions and pursuits.

In the interview with UofL Today, Professor Jeff Guan offers host Mark Hebert his insight into AI and how it looks to play a major role in the Louisville economy and beyond.