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Reignite Connections

September 14, 2022 Jill Wegenast
Mike Wolf, Alum

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the University of Louisville class of 1997. One specific cohort of the IMBA program is looking to reunite with their classmates to celebrate the occasion. Michael Wolf, a ’97 IMBA alum, is working to gather contact information for any classmates that may be interested in attending. He sat down with the College of Business to explain what drove him to join the IMBA program and what he gained from it.

UofL CoB: What motivated you to obtain your MBA from the College of Business?

Michael: I was seeking career growth opportunities and saw the UofL MBA as a catalyst for growing my skills to take on future leadership roles.

UofL CoB: You were in the IMBA program. Why did you decide on that specific program? 

Michael: [I chose the program because of] the integrated nature of the curriculum and the opportunity to go through an MBA program with a peer group over 22 months rather than course by course.

UofL CoB: Did any classes or professors have an impact on your work today? 

Michael: New Venture Creation was the most exciting and challenging course I took. Many professors and faculty were impactful during the IMBA program. Dr. Reg Bruce (Organizational Development) stands out as someone that challenged our thinking and presented different perspectives than many of us were used to. [However,] he was far from the only faculty to challenge us and present information with a different perspective.

UofL CoB: What advice would you share with new MBA graduates?

Michael: Take the knowledge you gain and find ways to contribute this to personal and professional initiatives important to you. There may be a non-profit that you are passionate about that can use your knowledge and leadership; or you could bring a new perspective to your current/future employers; or explore opportunities to lead your own organization. Ultimately, it is not the degree that matters, it is the impact you are able to make from the knowledge you gained during the MBA process.

If you’d like to be participate in the reunion, please send your updated contact information to Ali Pfeiffer.