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Passionate Purpose

October 28, 2022
Caroline Thomas, student

In her first semester as president of the College of Business Student Council, Caroline Thomas has proven to be an outstanding leader. According to Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Services, Renecia Davis, Caroline is an “excellent communicator who brings enthusiasm” to the role.

“I am inspired by her passion, commitment, excellent work ethic, and openness to feedback,” says Davis. “Her collaborative style has fostered positive relationships with students and staff members and contributed to many successful student council activities and meetings. She has been a tremendous asset and a pleasure to work with.”

We sat with the junior Marketing major to learn more about her UofL experience and her role as President of the College of Business Student Council.

UofL: Why did you choose UofL for your degree? 

CT: I chose UofL for my degree because it offered the academic and social life I wanted when imagining my college experience. UofL’s location allows for so many post-graduate opportunities as well. 

UofL: What excites you most about serving as the Student Council President? 

CT: I am most excited to serve as the COB Student Council President because of my love for this university and my hope to improve it. 

UofL: How do you represent the interests of your College of Business classmates in the Student Council? What do you feel are your primary responsibilities in the role? 

CT: I represent the interests of my classmates in the College of Business by making myself as available and open to new ideas as possible. I have created anonymous forms to ensure that all students feel open to giving new ideas and feedback. The primary responsibilities of this role are to facilitate Student Council meetings weekly, coordinate with members of the Student Government Association, and create new ideas & events for the College of Business. 

UofL: Who do you see as your mentors at UofL? How do these people support and help you learn and grow? 

CT: One of my mentors at UofL is DeAsia King. She graduated in the Spring of 2022 but has been one of my mentors since my first year. She was one of my mentors through raiseRED and pushed me to get involved on campus. Without her support and guidance, I would likely not be in this role today. 

UofL: Who are your mentors beyond the classroom? How have they inspired you?

CT: My mentors beyond the classroom are my parents, as cliche as it may seem. Seeing the sacrifice they made throughout their lives to ensure that I would go to college and have an experience that they never had gives me the drive to be the best version of myself I can be.  

UofL: What advice would you give potential students looking to join UofL? 

CT: My advice to potential students looking to join UofL is to get involved on campus. When trying to make campus feel like a home away from home, one of the easiest ways to do this is to get involved. Being involved since my first year, I have grown so much in my ability as a student and future leader. Finding an organization you’re passionate about gives you a purpose. [It] helps you establish important connections and find your support system.