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Opening Doors to Data Analysis

May 17, 2019 - -
headshot UofL professor Jose Fernandez, PhD in the Drummond

As an economics professor at the College of Business, Dr. Jose Fernandez understands the importance of recognizing trends and patterns to help analyze and predict economic conditions. Today’s students are tomorrow’s data scientists, and “the only way to learn data science is BY DOING data science.”

Enter Dr. Fernandez and a five-day Summer Data Science Short Class.

With the ink barely dried on the Spring semester, Dr. Fernandez worked with a dedicated group of COB students in an accelerated, immersive introduction and survey of data. From learning analytics tools like R and Rstudio to transforming data into information, this Analytics Boot Camp was geared to give its attendees access and experience with real world data. Often the materials and books needed for an intensive short class can be cost prohibitive, but Dr. Fernandez donated much of the materials needed for the class.

Dr. Jose Fernandez is a doer, building a solid foundation for his students to LEAP into their career.