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Meet Melany Meador: Online MBA Student Spotlight

May 10, 2021
Online MBA student Melany Meador

“Having a school such as the University of Louisville on your resume goes a long way with hiring managers across the country,” shared Melany Meador, Active-Duty Religious Affairs Non-Commissioned Officer for the United States Army. She’s also a member of the University’s first online MBA graduating class. “UofL is a highly reputable school [and] is AACSB accredited.” When it came to deciding which online MBA program was right for her, Meador explained that it was not just Louisville’s academic reputation but also the University’s principles that solidified her decision. “UofL has a lot of important stated values that also align with mine, which was very important to me.”

Online MBA Cohorts and Collaboration

The University’s team-based approach to learning made a significant impact on Meador’s academic experience. “I enjoyed the cohort layout and diverse teams they put us in,” she shared. “This was very much like ‘real-life.’ UofL was preparing us for the real world.” Meador also drew comparisons between collaboration with individuals of different professional skills and backgrounds in the workplace and how the student team structure, which requires small groups of students to work together throughout their entire program, mirrors professional teams in the business world. “In corporate America, you will typically be on a team and need to learn to work together with everyone, from all different walks of life.”

Along with the opportunity to collaborate as part of a cohesive team, the asynchronous online learning platform UofL provides for achieving an MBA was a necessity for Meador due to her professional role as a member of the United States Army. She shared that it is this aspect of the OMBA she appreciates most. “As a full-time, active-duty service member, this is very important.  I can learn and do my schoolwork when I have free time after work is done.”

After I retire from the military, an MBA will assist in keeping me more competitive for the civilian job market.”

Meador believes that earning her MBA will aid her professionally not only in her current role as an active-duty military officer but that the versatility of this graduate degree can benefit her in professional roles as a member of the armed services or as a civilian. “While I continue to serve in the Army, my MBA has helped to strengthen my leadership skills and will also help to keep me competitive for future promotions. After I retire from the military, an MBA will assist in keeping me more competitive for the civilian job market.”

While managing a hectic schedule, Meador explained that she still finds ways to make time for herself and those close to her. “I love to cook, spend quality time with family and friends, and explore new cities and listen to music,” she shared when asked what she does for fun and to relax.

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