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Marching to the Beat of Business

November 22, 2023 Erica Hulse
College of Business and Cardinal Marching Band students pose for a group photo during the 2023 Homecoming game.

“It’s the passion – it’s all about that. I truly believe that if you have passion for something, you’re always going to make time for it, and that is how marching band has been for me,” shared Laren Hines, a marketing major in the College of Business and Drum Major for the University of Louisville’s Cardinal Marching Band (CMB). “If you love something, you’ll make it work.” 

For Hines and CoB students Molly Spicer, Tenzin Vincenti, Teddy Moya, Amru Thirumalai, Darrell Liwanag, Silas Foster, and Jaxon Eric, the time investment and necessity of balancing rigorous academic and extra-curricular schedules is worth it to be part of the Marching Cards.

Laren Hines, marketing major and one of the Marching Cards Drum Majors, leads the CMB at the 2023 Homecoming game.

Leading the Guard

Participation in the CMB isn’t simply for students, however. Chris Dye, Director of Marketing for the College, has led the Color Guard for the CMB for 10 seasons. Immersed in the world of music at a young age by his mother, Dye developed an interest in playing the saxophone – a decision that led him to join his school’s marching band program. Eventually discovering a talent for the color guard, he later performed as part of a professional drum and bugle corps before beginning to train color guard students. 

Color Guard Director Chris Dye talks with a member of the Marching Cards Color Guard at a practice session.

Taking Center Field

Dye noted the uniqueness of the CMB and how Louisville’s successful football program has allowed the Marching Cards to gain greater visibility on a national scale. “What makes the program special is our national exposure and our ability to find ourselves in unique situations. One can argue that the CMB is the most televised marching band in the nation, not only because of the strength of our football team.” Whether performing at the Kentucky Derby as the event’s official marching band or taking the field for a bowl game, the CMB is making a name for itself, and Dye is excited for the opportunity that brings his students, “be it standing next to a famous person at the Derby singing the national anthem, walking around with a Heisman Trophy winner, or bumping into Jack Harlow at a home game.”


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