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Making Connections with Practical Application

May 27, 2019
Conference Notes photo

In addition to practical tools, students who participate in UofL’s project management program, which includes a Fundamentals of Project Management and Project Management: Practical Application seminar, gain beneficial industry connections through group work conducted during class.

Christine Vauhan Student photoIf I have a question, I know there are people I can reach out to. They’re learning at the same time I am but have different experiences, so we’re able to help each other.”

Christine Vaughan
Project Management Certificate Holder

The Practical Application seminar focuses heavily on real-world project management problems. Participants are put into groups and are tasked with solving problems and implementing real projects.

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of the program is that it enables participants to learn from one another’s experiences and to test out solutions.

“To be taught something, try it out, and the next week to come in and say ‘that worked’ or ‘that didn’t work’ and to have real time to discuss and learn about it instead of just getting a certification and figuring it out as you go, was really valuable,” Vaughan explained.