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Welcome to the College of Business Internship Portal (draft)

The talent pipeline for your business begins with a College of Business intern. Interns from the University of Louisville are dedicated, intelligent, developing professionals eager to succeed in a program committed to supporting student success. Companies employ our interns throughout most of their degree programs—allowing them to grow with the company as they apply their classroom knowledge.

From undergraduate students seeking their first experiences in the business world to MBA/MSBA/MSAA grad students looking to improve their career prospects, the College of Business will help you find the right intern for your workforce demands.

Mold your interns’ skills to fit your company’s needs with a potentially lower pay scale and risk than hiring a new permanent employee.  

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Undergrad Internships & Co-ops (Employers)

Internships & co-ops are amazing opportunites for employers and students.

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Hiring Graduate Interns

Competitive paid internship opportunities are a cornerstone of the graduate experience.

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Now available: Distance Internships

As the past two years have taught us, businesses must be agile enough to meet remote work demands. Distance internships expand the scope and scale of your potential talent pool. Our students are prepared for success in their internship by a career support staff and defined processes that demand accountability.