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First Comes Love. Then Comes Charcuterie.

April 20, 2022
Sean and Zack Flanagan, Board and You

Alumni Zack Flanagan ’18 and Sean Lara ’16, ’18 each came to the University of Louisville for their own reasons. For Flanagan, going to UofL was simply a trip across the river. A New Albany, IN native, Flanagan graduated in 2018 with a marketing degree.

Lara, on the other hand, came to UofL all the way from San Diego, California to compete on the cheerleading team and cheered for UofL for all five years. While attending UofL, the two met and fell in love. Then they created a booming dining and charcuterie business called Board and You.

Board and You began in April 2019 as a charcuterie business and has grown into a Bistro & Wine Bar located in New Albany. Since its opening date July 7, 2020, the brick-and-mortar restaurant has reached the #1 spot for restaurants in Kentuckiana on OpenTable and averages 4.9 stars.

Placing the Bistro & Wine Bar in New Albany, Flanagan’s hometown, was a no-brainer. “My parents instilled that community is what thrives in a business,” Flanagan said. “Considering that the Bistro & Wine bar, being only a year and some change old, has been ranked the #1 restaurant in all of Kentuckiana, they were definitely right about that.”

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