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Find a Foothold

November 7, 2019 - -
UofL student Megan Moutoux

Meagan Moutoux is a dancer, first and foremost. Regardless of the job title, her Marketing degree, or a status update on social media, everything about her resonates with rhythm and movement. Dance inspired her transfer to UofL after two years away, joining the Ladybirds and reuniting with her former dance coaches. “It is more than something I just do—dance is a part of who I am.”

Meagan translated her passion for dance into a successful community outreach project during her time at the College of Business. The project proved to be the first step in discovering her footing in the professional world—building a bridge between the studio and the office.  

Last fall, Meagan took MGMT 490 with Assistant Professor Jenna Haugen, Ph.D. The course features a community service component where students work directly with area nonprofits. “Dreams with Wings was my number one choice.” Meagan says, “I had never worked with a nonprofit before but was so impressed by [Dreams with Wings] that I knew I wanted to work with them.”

Empowering individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and autism, Dreams With Wings serves over 300 individuals in the Louisville area. During Meagan’s time at Dreams With Wings, she engaged the clients with a variety of activities, culminating in a choreographed dance routine featuring the residents and Meagan’s Ladybird teammates. “At first it was a real challenge to get people to participate, but once the clients knew they were going to be a part of the Jack O’Lantern Stroll [a Dreams With Wings signature event], everyone got excited.”

Her successful MGMT 490 project at Dreams With Wings led to Meagan continuing to work with them after her graduation. “I joined Dreams With Wings part-time and helped revamp their website and social media. I also wrote several grant proposals for them.” Recently, Megan joined iHeartRadio as a Digital Strategist. Still, it was her experiences at Dreams With Wings and the College, which gave her the experience she needed to land her new position.

“I wouldn’t be in the position I am now—job-wise or person-wise—if it weren’t for the professors and people at the College of Business. I feel like I can handle anything thrown my way. ”

Meagan has also begun teaching dance classes. “I coach a Tiny Tots team and a mini-Jazz team now at Rainbow Dance Academy. My time at Dreams With Wings helped me realize how much I need to keep dance in my life… When I walk through those studio doors and see those faces, all I’m thinking about is making an impact on these girls so that they’ll love dance.”

Incorporating art into the flow of one’s life can be a challenge, but when inexorably linked to a sense of purpose, sacrifice melts away to reward. For Meagan, such a revelation would not have been made tangible if it were not for her Management class. “Being able to work with a nonprofit was something I never expected to do and it changed my life completely. I am so glad that Dr. Haugen gave me the chance to work with Dreams with Wings.”