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University-Wide Staff Recognition

The College of Business leadership deeply values the pivotal role our dedicated staff members play on a daily basis in contributing to the college’s success. Recognizing the significance of their contributions, our leadership has entrusted the Staff Culture Committee with the responsibility of facilitating the nomination process for various university-wide awards offered through the Employee Success Center.

Below you will find a form to submit nominations to the committee for the many recognition options. Use this form to nominate a colleague who you think is deserving of this recognition. The committee will then make sure the correct information and documentation makes it to the Employee Success Center.

Please do not forget to identify which award you are nominating someone for. 

Deadline to submit is Jan 30, 2024.

University of Louisville Staff Recognition Awards

  • Cardinal Principles Champions (8 award options): Community of care, Accountability, Respect, Diversity and inclusion, Integrity and transparency, Noble purpose, Agility, or Leadership. More information