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Researching family firm heterogeneity: a guide to identifying firm-level categorical and variational differences

Vitaliy Skorodziyevskiy Keith H. Brigham G. T. Payne
Field Guide to Family Business Research. July 10, 2023

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The Field Guide to Family Business Research addresses the unique challenges associated with conducting high-quality family business research. Intended for both new and more experienced scholars, experts provide essential guidelines and insightful best practices for overcoming these challenges. Chapters examine three primary research challenges: failure to demonstrate a clear and unique contribution to the extant literature; failure to properly frame and align an argument’s theory and hypothesis; and finally, failure to measure and conduct appropriate methodological and empirical approaches to a study. Ultimately, the solutions presented offer a better understanding of the unique aspects of conducting research in the family business domain. With a wealth of expertise and practical information, this guide will be of great benefit to anyone conducting research in family business. It will be especially helpful to researchers and students of business management, law, public policy, and social policy as well as consultants and practitioners in the field of family business.