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Diving deep into the dark side: A review and examination of research on organizational misconduct in emerging markets

Anne Marie Zwerg-Villegas Amitabh Anand Daniel Rottig Nakul Parameswar
Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility. January 24, 2023

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For three decades, scholars have investigated the phenomena of organizational misconduct (OM) in the fields of business ethics, management, and organization studies. In recent years, the construct has gained increased attention due to widely reported corruption, bribery, crime, violations, and other immorality undertaken by organizations, especially in emerging markets. Despite its popularity, review studies on OM are sparse, and no systematic review of research on OM in the context of emerging markets exists. This article attempts to fill this void by analyzing the literature on OM in the specific context of emerging markets based on a systematic review methodology and integration approach. Based on the findings of our literature review, we develop an integrative model of the antecedents and consequences of OM in emerging markets and discuss important moderators that may curtail the development of OM and alleviate its consequences. In doing so, we provide scholars with a conceptual model and overview of the current knowledge and findings on the topic. We further discuss important gaps in the literature and provide fruitful avenues for future work that we believe are promising to advance our understanding of OM in the context of emerging markets.