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Corporate Finance: Foundations of Value Optimization and Survival (First Edition)

Cognella Academic Publishing. January 6, 2020

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Corporate Finance: Foundations of Value Optimization and Survivalprovides students with a collection of articles and research studies to help them better grasp the critical concepts and practices associated with corporate finance management. The volume emphasizes the importance of value optimization to corporate financial success, wellness, and survival. 

The book features 13 distinct modules, which address a variety of topics, including financial management within the business environment, the review and analysis of annual reports and financial statements, forecasting and planning, the time value of money, and decision-making in a risk-return environment. Students read articles that explore financial markets, bonds, bond valuation, and interest rates, the cost of capital, international financial management, and more. Each module features an introduction to provide context for the articles, as well as recommended readings for further study. 

Convening contemporary research and scholarly thought leadership within the discipline, Corporate Finance is an ideal text for courses in finance, especially those with focus on application within the business and corporate setting.