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Unfairness, Justice, or Revenge mini-cases

Teaching Note
Ryan Quinn
University of Louisville College of Business
Date of Publication: 2020
Leadership topics:
• Justice
• Leadership
Product number (to be assigned)
Industry: Multiple, unspecified industries
Pages: pending


This document contains four mini-case studies. Students prepare by assessing the characters in the cases for the justice they exhibit from the perspectives of different constituents. This helps them to see the complexity of perspectives and the difficulty of achieving ideal justice. Then, as the students discuss potential applications, they can see how the application of justice differs based on scenarios.


Starter comment: These cases give students the chance to debate where actions fall on a spectrum between unfairness, justice, and revenge, and from whose perspective. In addition to helping students investigate the complexity of virtues in application, the situational approach also provides a useful preparation for practicing justice with the Leadership Workout app.

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