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Cowardice, Courage, or Recklessness

Teaching Case
Ryan Quinn
University of Louisville College of Business
Date of Publication: 2020
Leadership topics:
• Courage
• Leadership
Product number (to be assigned)
Industry: Multiple, unspecified industries
Pages: pending


This document contains four mini-case studies. One about recovering stem cell products after a hurricane, one about challenging a co-worker, one about raising an issue with senior leadership, and one about stopping a physical confrontation in the workplace. These scenarios enable to instructor to lead students in a discussion that compares what is required to exhibit ideal courage in each setting, including accounting for the diverging perspectives of constituents.


  • Starter content: This is actually a series of mini-cases rather than one case, which can be useful for helping students to compare questions about courage across multiple situations, and showing how the same questions can lead to different conclusions in different situations. This can motivate students to want to be more mindful about their approach to leadership.
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