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Information page for Leadership Workout

Smartphone Application
Conceived by Ryan Quinn and developed by igNew LLC d/b/a Slingshot
University of Louisville College of Business
Copyright 2020
Leadership topics:
• Leadership Overview
• Virtue Ethics
• Moral Insight


Leadership Workout is a smartphone application which enables users to create or join communities in which members develop their leadership abilities together by generating insights; making plans; giving each other advice, feedback, and encouragement; reporting on efforts; and tracking progress. Trainers and instructors can also create communities for their classes. This helps users to practice positive leadership in real time, and in real-life situations.


Starter comment: The app is designed primarily for use between class sessions, but it is useful to provide demonstrations and help students practice making plans in class so that they are equipped to get the most value out of it between sessions. The questions the app asks users as they plan are specifically designed for generating moral insight, but it also helps to make sure students know that moral insight is the expectation. The app is discussed extensively in the online instructor’s manual [put links here].

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