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Student Update from the Provost

April 17, 2020

Reprint of email from the University provost:

Dear Students,

We are in the homestretch of the “semester with an asterisk” (also known as the novel coronavirus semester). I wanted to remind you that for anyone enrolled in regular session spring classes that the option to change your grading type to Pass/Fail will remain open via ULink until the last day of classes, (actually reading day) Tuesday, April 21.  (If you are on a different calendar, check ULink to find out  your last day to change).

We have worked hard together as faculty,  students and staff to respond to the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic.  We have risen to the occasion admirably.  Faculty who had never taught online migrated their classes, students who had not learned online before mastered new technologies and techniques for studying, and staff have had to figure out how to offer amazing levels of support in new environments.  Our Cardinal Family has been strong, flexible, and when possible, forgiving.  Let’s be honest: this has been hard for all of us, but I want to also acknowledge those faculty, staff and even students who have risked their own health to do research on the virus, to treat patients with the virus, or to provide essential services to keep the university open and functioning.  I am very grateful for their service to the university and the community. 

Your faculty have been reminded to provide you adequate feedback before Tuesday so you may make an informed decision about switching to Pass/Fail.  If you really see no way to succeed in one or more of your classes this semester, you may elect to withdraw from today until Tuesday (or whatever the designated day to switch grade types may be for your academic calendar).  But we urge you to contact an advisor or the financial aid office before withdrawing to make sure it will not have an adverse impact on your financial aid or academic status.

Stay strong, Cardinals.  You have done amazing things this semester and we know you will continue to do amazing things as we move forward to Summer and Fall.

For your convenience:

The link to the original policy is here:

The link to video directions for changing your grade type is here:


Beth A. Boehm
Professor of English
Executive Vice President and
University Provost