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In Memoriam: Spring 2022

April 21, 2022 - -
In Memoriam header

As we celebrate our accomplishments and successes, it is important to reflect on members of our community who have passed. The College carries their memory forward—their impact and emotional resonance are never too far from our collective hearts.

Mr. Leslie D. Albro  1956

Mr. Paul J. Bacher  1962

Mrs. Carolyn W. Brown         

Col. M. Courtland Clayton, P.E.  1971

James W. Conway, J.D.  1966, 1971

Mrs. Teresa G. Crawford  1989, 1993, 2003

Mr. Timothy S. Fearneyhough   1975

Ms. Delma J. Francis   1978

Mrs. Ramah L. Gardner         

Mr. Ronald E. Glaser   1963, 1976

Mr. James A. Golden, Sr.  1978

Ms. Eve G. Herzfeld   

Mr. John E. Herzfeld, Jr.  1950

Mr. Robert R. Jenkins 1960

Mr. Roy W. Maas 1973

Mr. Charles S. Mackin 1971

Mr. William E. Masden, Jr. 1997

Mr. Braxton N. McGraw 1972

Mr. Nicholas P. Muller 1967, 1975

Mr. Robert W. Norcross 1964

Ms. Diane F. Ormerod 1983

Mr. R. Gregg Pollard  

Mr. Michael Howard Pottinger, Sr. 1952

Mr. James P. Powell 1962, 1968

Mr. Leo N. Reidinger 1981

Mr. Robert R. Richardson, Jr. 1949

Mr. Donald G. Robinson 1972

Mr. Joseph S. Rothstein 1955

Mr. Mark K. Saksefski 1983

Ms. Patsy T. Schladand          

Mr. Davy L. Stallings 1963

Ms. Karen Ann Sutton 1987, 1989

Mr. James H. Thornton          

Mr. Jerry D. Wethington 1985

Mrs. Valerie K. Wood  1989

Robert Gregg Pollard (August 12, 1946~November 21, 2021)

Robert Gregg Pollard passed on to be with his family and friends who preceded him in death, his father William Pollard, his mother Juanita (Schickinger) Pollard, his sisters Pamela Neff and Karen Heinke. He is survived by his eldest brother Wayne Pollard (Sug), Dennis Pollard, Diana Redemann (Larry), Steve Pollard, Stella Easley, Danny Pollard (Carolyn), and youngest sister Sara Pires (Antonio). He had many nieces and nephews, great-nieces and nephews, and great-great nieces and nephews that he loved dearly. He retired from the UofL College of Business and was an avid UofL sports and Nascar Racing fan.