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Historical Wagering

January 25, 1999 - -
Happy woman playing instant racing machines in the casino

Historical Horse Racing (HHR) is big business in Kentucky, generating significant wagering dollars of nearly $6.8 billion in the past year. HHR allows players to place bets on replays of horse races. The bets are handled on a machine that looks like a slot machine; however, HHR machines randomize the past race presented. The original race location, horses, and jockeys are anonymous. Once a bet is placed on the machine, a race replay is selected from a database of thousands and run.

While HHR outpaces any other form of race track wagering in Kentucky, tax revenues from these bets help support various statewide equine industry projects. It also impacts the state budget and finances.

While Arkansas race tracks first used these machines in the 1990s, Kentucky’s horse industry has seen a significant boost from HHR. In a recent news story by WDRB, College of Business Assistant Professor of Practice Thomas Lambert discussed the economic impact HHR wagering has on the state. Dr. Lambert teaches in both the equine and economics departments.

Watch the WDRB story featuring Dr. Lambert