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FranchiseU! Episode 69: Brave Williams (Workout Anytime)

January 3, 2024
Brave Williams Headshot

In this episode of FranchiseU!, Kathy sits down with Brave Williams from Workout Anytime. Williams shares the details that led her to her ambitious plans with Workout Anytime. This enjoyable episode will provide insights and excitement about what is going on in the franchising world.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Williams defies expectations as she transitions from music to the fitness industry. Her journey has always been guided by her passion to inspire and uplift others. From signing her first record deal and opening for Beyoncé to landing leading roles in Netflix’s Love Dot Com and BET’s The Christmas Lottery, Williams consistently challenges conventions to embody what it means to Be Brave. Even before franchising, Williams had a strong foothold in the fitness world. With her small business, Brave Williams Fitness Club, she transformed over 1,000 clients and served as the lead bootcamp trainer for the nonprofits of Steve and Marjorie Harvey. However, her desire to amplify her mission led her to the world of franchising. Williams’ search for a brand that resonated with her vision ended with a chance encounter with Workout Anytime. The brand’s supportive, family-like environment and robust business model impressed her, solidifying her decision to embark on a new adventure.

As a young black woman in a male-dominated field, Williams has faced underestimation, but it hasn’t hindered her ambitions. She is slated to open 23 Workout Anytime locations, seeing them as more than fitness centers. Williams envisions them as transformative spaces where physical, mental, and spiritual growth intersect. Her goal is to create an environment filled with hope and positive energy, enabling individuals to evolve in all aspects of their lives. Williams takes pride in executing her dreams, whether it’s being on stage with a microphone, in front of a camera, or building a gym that inspires people to live stronger, healthier lives. It all stems from her powerful foundation—the desire to make people feel good.

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