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FranchiseU! Episode 65: Erin Fletter (Sticky Fingers Cooking)

November 10, 2023
Erin Fletter Headshot

In this episode of FranchiseU!, Kathy sits down with Erin Fletter from Sticky Fingers Cooking. Fletter shares the details of how Sticky Fingers Cooking grew from her kitchen table to become a national franchise opportunity. Fletter’s story highlights how both vision and quality control help in building a brand.

Fletter is a serial entrepreneur and cookbook author with a 30-year history in the food and wine industry. In 2011, she founded the national children’s cooking school, Sticky Fingers Cooking, and in 2022, its fruitful and growing franchise brand. She also co-owns the renowned Barolo Grill in Denver with her husband. A dedicated mom, Fletter ensures her children and others appreciate diverse foods. Sticky Fingers Cooking teaches thousands of kids weekly in various cities, covering over 125,000 students. The classes combine fresh ingredients, global flavors, education, and delicious fun. Known for her terrible food jokes, Fetter’s passion for food brings people together, one groan-inducing pun at a time.

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