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FranchiseU! Episode 36: DeNita Carani (Pet Wants)

January 27, 2023

DeNita Carani shares her history with multiple businesses and her unique perspective on franchising and the animal care industry with Dr. Kathy Gosser on this week’s episode of FranchiseU!.

Ms. DeNita Carani is a versatile, high-impact operations executive who evaluates processes, technology, and operations, uncovering opportunities and creating strategies that drive optimal profitability, growth, and business success. Her passion is leading successful change. Throughout her career, she has delivered transformative strategies that turned around struggling teams and fast-tracked their success. Leveraging a strong background in both B2B and B2C businesses ranging from startups to national corporations, she worked across an organization with all stakeholders, fostering the strong alliances that enable mission success. A powerful listener and influencer, she views challenges as opportunities. She designs actionable solutions to difficult, highly complex business challenges to grow and maintain a strong competitive advantage rapidly. Ms. DeNita Carani is the owner of multiple small businesses and a passionate franchise leader.

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