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Currency: Spring 2024 Dean’s Message

March 16, 2024
Dean Jeff Guan

Thank you for reading Currency. In this edition, I want to reflect on the vibrant connections that bridge our academic pursuits with the thriving business ecosystem surrounding us. The heart of the College of Business is not just in the rigor of academic excellence but also in how we extend this knowledge beyond the classroom, fostering impactful collaborations with our local businesses. This teamwork not only enriches our community but also equips our students with invaluable, hands-on business experience. In the spirit of celebration and aspiration, I am delighted to share some of our College’s outstanding accomplishments. 

It’s a well-known fact that family businesses are the backbone of the American economy, contributing significantly to the nation’s GDP, employment, and job creation. Hence, it is with immense pride that I announce our recent recognition in the top 40 for family business research by Texas State University Family Business Research Productivity Ranking. Moreover, we celebrate the individual rankings of our esteemed faculty members, with Isabel Botero standing at #8 and remembering the valuable contributions of the late Daniel Holt at #35. These accolades are a testament to the impactful research and dedication of our faculty.

I also want to celebrate the latest exciting news – U.S. News & World Report has recognized our online business programs. We’ve been ranked #17 for best online bachelor’s in business, #26 for best online MBA programs for veterans, and #42 for best online MBA programs. We’re honored to receive this recognition for our dedication to providing high-quality education to our students.

As you read the pages of this issue, we invite you to join us in the ongoing narrative of transforming lives at our College. It is heartening to witness the remarkable endeavors of our students, alums, faculty, and staff. Your engagement, whether through a philanthropic contribution to a scholarship fund, offering an internship, or envisioning a novel way to support our mission, fuels the virtuous cycle of empowerment we are fostering. Your investment helps our students take charge of their futures.

Sharing our collective stories is a vital part of who we are, and it is a privilege to connect with you through these stories. We hope that as you read, you see the reflection of your commitment through our community’s successes and feel inspired to renew your connection with us. Together, let’s continue to build a legacy of opportunity and innovation.