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June 13, 2023 Erica Hulse
Koby Batts

“I love getting to know new people and…seeing how I can help others,” shared College of Business undergraduate alumnus Koby Batts. Whether at work or relaxing, networking with those around him is a way of life — his goal is to help others to reach their goals. “I feel like I [now] have a platform to go out and be able to help someone that helped me…never underestimate the value that a coffee can have.”


Before he and his business partner Keegan Tingle created Micro Development Media and his pursuit of networking evolved, Batts was simply passionate about the field of business – particularly the field of economics. Reflecting on his decision to pursue his bachelor’s degree at UofL, he explained, “I’m very happy [I chose] the College of Business…because I think it was the best fit for me. Any of the majors here, they’re interchangeable in the workforce, so no matter what you do, you’re acquiring a set of skills that you can apply to pretty much anything.”


Throughout his program, Batts participated in organizations on campus, such as Phi Kappa Tau and RaiseRed, that allowed him to grow his innate desire to help others. However, his most memorable takeaway was the time spent as the College’s Student Council President, which allowed him to develop his leadership skills amidst challenging times and circumstances. “We were able to essentially start [the College of Business Student Council] from scratch because it had died out over COVID.”

As president, Batts elaborated on the significant organizational changes under his leadership. “[I was] able to start something…and mold it into what [I] want[ed] it to be and let that reflect [my]leadership style. My style…is [that] anyone can have a voice in the room; titles don’t mean anything.”

Batts also shared the profound impact left by one staff member who provided him guidance and support during his tenure in his leadership position. “I got elected to that role at the same time Dr. [Raymond] Green was hired, and we…became the best of friends and still communicate regularly today. I owe a lot to him as far as where I have come since then.”


Now focused on marketing and brand promotion, Batts and his company is committed to providing his clients a “one-stop shop for a range of media services, everything from content creation to social media campaigns [and] google suite management,” just to name a few.

While he is committed to providing quality service to his clients, Batts is equally passionate about giving opportunities to up-and-coming marketing professionals. “The favorite part of my business…is just that we help those around us succeed. I…saw how impactful internships can be.” His company currently partners with the University of Kentucky, bringing on board an intern each year from their Department of Strategic Communication, and hopes to partner with UofL soon. He sees internship programs as a way to grow his business while helping students gain real-world work experience and notes that “seeing those [who are] one step under you, or…where you were three or four years ago, and helping those people succeed, keeps [the field] growing with younger people because we see a lot of value in the future.”