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CBA Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to UofL and Local Community

November 18, 2022
CBA Director Erica Holloway on UofL Basketball Court

The Cardinal Bridge Academy (CBA) was recently recognized for its outstanding contribution to the University of Louisville and the local community.

The program offers high school and college students from talented, diverse backgrounds a one-of-a-kind experience that allows them to sharpen their business, technology, and leadership skills through academic, personal, and professional development. The Cardinal Bridge Academy demonstrates the University’s commitment to its pillars by redefining student success and doubling down on efforts to keep Louisville’s best talent at our premier metro university. Spearheaded by the College of Business, the CBA also partners with the College of Arts and Sciences to offer free college classes to participants.

It also connects students with professional mentors from local businesses. Together, faculty, staff, mentors, and countless members of the surrounding school districts, work to ensure that all students feel a sense of belonging at UofL and are set up for lifelong success.

High school participants are placed on a seamless pathway to success by having the chance to earn early direct admission to the College of Business. Mentoring relationships serve as a springboard for future internships and job opportunities.

Emma Bartley, a student at PRP High School, shares, “The Cardinal Bridge Academy is a great opportunity to experience being involved around the UofL campus. By joining this academy, you will receive so many benefits and opportunities. I will have a lot of experience that will help me by the time I get into college. I will be ready.”

Emma is just one of many students that have benefited from the program. By participating in the Cardinal Bridge Academy, students are placed on a path that can change their lives.

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