Dobry Den! (Hello!)

Hi Everyone,

I have returned from Prague and wish I was still there!!! It is the prettiest city I have ever seen! The architecture was great, and there was always something new that you didn’t see before. Our Professor was super-smart and we were so impressed with his knowledge.

Being exposed to the different culture really opened up my eyes to how people do the smallest things differently. For example, you do not get free refills on soft drinks at restaurants. You have to pay for each pack of ketchup at Mcdonalds (about 32 cents in US Dollars)! Also, our professor informed us that students don’t ask questions or participate in class AT ALL. Banks and other businesses close for about 1-2 hours during lunchtime.

Overall, my trip was great and I am definitely going to try to return in the future! If you ever get the chance to go abroad, TAKE IT!

-Camille Moore


Hey everyone! I believe Prague is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. I appreciate the opportunity to study abroad! The architecture is unbelievable. There are so many pastel colored buildings and interesting sights in the city. We went on a horse and buggy ride through the city, it was the best! We have walked to the Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter, and so many other places. I am homesick, but enjoying this great experience.

Tonya Chistman

When in Prague…

It is absolutely beautiful here and the people are very quaint. The architecture and scenery are breathtaking. Last Tuesday we went on a 2 hr. walking tour and then a boat tour on the main river, Vltalva. On Wednesday we went on another walking tour. This one was more historical and longer – about 5 hours long! We saw a lot of the city and my favorite was the Prague castle. The castle is on a big hill so you will have to imagine the gorgeous view (click the link below for a picture)! All beautiful places and most definitely worth the walking.

A little side note: If you put Rick Pitino in a matador outfit, I swear you have our professor here in Prague. That’s what he wore one day and another day he wore all white…reminds me of the Georgetown win – ha. He is a great and prestigious professor. The class is interesting and fun as all the UofL students are together.

This is a great experience and you should take the time during your college years to Czech this place out!

Go Cards,

Stephanie Penn

Czech it out!

For Future Reference

If anyone in the future has a chance to go with a group of Business School students to study abroad, GO TO PRAGUE! Prague is such a beautiful city with a lot of different foods and entertainment to choose from. Be prepared to listen and work very hard in class, however, you will be sent in the right direction of fun things to do by the teachers and Czech students at the school. My experience in Prague is unbelieveable, and I think that everyone else that is here with me can say the same.

Rodney Carter


Just across the Charles Bridge and up the hill is the Prague Castle. The walk up the hill is well worth the view. In every direction a different sight is to be seen. To the right is the direct replica, smaller in size, of the Eiffel Tower. To the left is the old resting place of the enormous statue of Joseph Stalin that survived only 7 years of existence. Last but not least; straight ahead is the most spectacular view of the incredible city of Prague. Its red rooftops create a picturesque scene, and are dominated only by the large church and museum steeples that stand prominant from various points in the city.

The food is unbelievable. most of the servers speak a little english, and some of the menues are translated, however upon ordering water, I recieved a bottle of carbonated beverage (or sparkling water) and a glass without ice. Not my idea of a thirst quencher, but an interesting experience all the same. The water in restauants is actually more expensive than the Pivo (beer). None the less, the meals have been every bit of exceptional. I really enjoy the little cafe resturaunts off the beeten path down the cobble-stone streets.

I am yet to purchase a bus pass, for I find that walking allows me to experience the city on a personal level. This is not an experience I would like to rush. With that said; my roommate (Andrew Shore) and I headed out to a beer garden the other night on foot. Upon returning we failed to realize that we were walking in the wrong direction for quite some time. After a few wrong turns, a slight conversation with a few German men, and the quick translation of a city map at the trainstation, we realized how lost we were. Although we probobally were not that far from the hotel, we walked to what seemd like Poland and back.

Lesson learned: Getting lost on foot, in Prague, is a whole lot cooler than getting lost by car in Louisville.

Shawn Edelen

U of L students studying international trade & finance in Prague!

Greetings — we arrived safe and sound all 26 of us! The students are working hard (seriously) in the international trade and finance course. The city is beautiful and full of rich history and culture….and speaking of culture our African-American students are viewed almost like movie stars here because many people here have commented that they have not ever seen dark skin in person! We are all learning how to use the train/bus/phone/etc…We have managed to also have fun–last night all the students went dancing and today we are going for a Flamenco exhibition and dance lesson with the class professor! Ciao~~~Sharon Kerrick

Partum Group Winnings

The Partum Group, a student team from the College of Business’s IMBA program (the entrepreneurship MBA), has accumulated the awards and winnings listed below throughout the 2007-2008 competition cycle. The college is extremely proud of their accomplishments and hard work. Team members include Divya Cantor MD, Katie Dawson and James Mudd.

2008 Moot Corp Competition
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas
Division III, Best Product
NASDAQ Stock Market Challenge Award, $1,000

2008 Idea State U
Cabinet for Economic Development
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky
Graduate Plan 1st Place, $44,660

2008 McGinnis Venture Competition
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Elevator Pitch Winner 1st Place, $1,000

2008 Northwest Venture Championship
Boise State University
Boise, Idaho
Honorable Mention
Limo Pitch Competition Graduate Track, 1st Place, $200

2008 Cardinal Challenge
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
Fast Pitch, 2nd Place, $1,000

2008 Aleris New Venture Competition
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
Best Trade Show, $500
Best Business Plan, $8,000

Other Awards
Vogt Development Award, $10,000

Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation
ICC Concept Award, $25,000

First Judges Give Feedback

Partum Group
The Partum Group was the first presentation in their respective track. The group was surprised that for the first time a fellow physician was a member of the judging panel. For Partum’s benefit, the physician was a former OB/GYN, just like Divya Cantor. This physician was enthusiastic of maternaTRAC that he wished he had it while a practicing OB/GYN (he has since moved to a fertility focus).

As being the first group to present, Partum has the ability to watch other presentations that are occurring during the competition.

Next on the agenda: Judge feedback and results.

Heat: It’s Happening Here

Venture ShowcaseSo that may be the tagline for the University of Louisville, but I must admit that all of the competitors during the venture showcase had the pleasure to setup a table at the venture showcase during extremely warm conditions. The Partum Group did a great job with their booth by displaying their mock-up of maternaTRAC in addition to having a table toper. A few teams were spared the extremely hot (must have been 80 degrees or more) trade show rooms by being in a hallway area. Many of the competitors took down their displays prior to the official end time of 7:30 PM. I can’t say that I blame them.