Just across the Charles Bridge and up the hill is the Prague Castle. The walk up the hill is well worth the view. In every direction a different sight is to be seen. To the right is the direct replica, smaller in size, of the Eiffel Tower. To the left is the old resting place of the enormous statue of Joseph Stalin that survived only 7 years of existence. Last but not least; straight ahead is the most spectacular view of the incredible city of Prague. Its red rooftops create a picturesque scene, and are dominated only by the large church and museum steeples that stand prominant from various points in the city.

The food is unbelievable. most of the servers speak a little english, and some of the menues are translated, however upon ordering water, I recieved a bottle of carbonated beverage (or sparkling water) and a glass without ice. Not my idea of a thirst quencher, but an interesting experience all the same. The water in restauants is actually more expensive than the Pivo (beer). None the less, the meals have been every bit of exceptional. I really enjoy the little cafe resturaunts off the beeten path down the cobble-stone streets.

I am yet to purchase a bus pass, for I find that walking allows me to experience the city on a personal level. This is not an experience I would like to rush. With that said; my roommate (Andrew Shore) and I headed out to a beer garden the other night on foot. Upon returning we failed to realize that we were walking in the wrong direction for quite some time. After a few wrong turns, a slight conversation with a few German men, and the quick translation of a city map at the trainstation, we realized how lost we were. Although we probobally were not that far from the hotel, we walked to what seemd like Poland and back.

Lesson learned: Getting lost on foot, in Prague, is a whole lot cooler than getting lost by car in Louisville.

Shawn Edelen

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