U of L students studying international trade & finance in Prague!

Greetings — we arrived safe and sound all 26 of us! The students are working hard (seriously) in the international trade and finance course. The city is beautiful and full of rich history and culture….and speaking of culture our African-American students are viewed almost like movie stars here because many people here have commented that they have not ever seen dark skin in person! We are all learning how to use the train/bus/phone/etc…We have managed to also have fun–last night all the students went dancing and today we are going for a Flamenco exhibition and dance lesson with the class professor! Ciao~~~Sharon Kerrick

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  1. Week 2: Students have explored many facets of this historic city. The most impact has been
    where to get the “best” food etc…Several will travel by train on Friday for a day trip to
    Dresden Germany — During the week we will visit the Communist museum and the National
    museum. Much to do~~~

  2. It was a first time experience and an interesting one. It was cool to learn how people act and see their living habits in a different country. It was definitly an eye opening experience for us and it shows how much Americans are “spoiled” among other cultures. We realized how much people need to appreciate what they have because it was very sad to see the amount of homeless people around this town, we have homeless back home, but the ones here seem to appreciate things more when people help them out. The class was really interesting…we learned more in six days than we probably did in an entire semester! Overall the entire trip was amazing and we are very appreciative for the opportunity to study abroad, because we probably would have never gotten the chance to go over seas otherwise at such a young age. Thank you!

    Marie Korfhage & Amy Elder

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