Partum Group Winnings

The Partum Group, a student team from the College of Business’s IMBA program (the entrepreneurship MBA), has accumulated the awards and winnings listed below throughout the 2007-2008 competition cycle. The college is extremely proud of their accomplishments and hard work. Team members include Divya Cantor MD, Katie Dawson and James Mudd.

2008 Moot Corp Competition
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas
Division III, Best Product
NASDAQ Stock Market Challenge Award, $1,000

2008 Idea State U
Cabinet for Economic Development
Commonwealth of Kentucky
Louisville, Kentucky
Graduate Plan 1st Place, $44,660

2008 McGinnis Venture Competition
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Elevator Pitch Winner 1st Place, $1,000

2008 Northwest Venture Championship
Boise State University
Boise, Idaho
Honorable Mention
Limo Pitch Competition Graduate Track, 1st Place, $200

2008 Cardinal Challenge
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
Fast Pitch, 2nd Place, $1,000

2008 Aleris New Venture Competition
University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
Best Trade Show, $500
Best Business Plan, $8,000

Other Awards
Vogt Development Award, $10,000

Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation
ICC Concept Award, $25,000

First Judges Give Feedback

Partum Group
The Partum Group was the first presentation in their respective track. The group was surprised that for the first time a fellow physician was a member of the judging panel. For Partum’s benefit, the physician was a former OB/GYN, just like Divya Cantor. This physician was enthusiastic of maternaTRAC that he wished he had it while a practicing OB/GYN (he has since moved to a fertility focus).

As being the first group to present, Partum has the ability to watch other presentations that are occurring during the competition.

Next on the agenda: Judge feedback and results.

Heat: It’s Happening Here

Venture ShowcaseSo that may be the tagline for the University of Louisville, but I must admit that all of the competitors during the venture showcase had the pleasure to setup a table at the venture showcase during extremely warm conditions. The Partum Group did a great job with their booth by displaying their mock-up of maternaTRAC in addition to having a table toper. A few teams were spared the extremely hot (must have been 80 degrees or more) trade show rooms by being in a hallway area. Many of the competitors took down their displays prior to the official end time of 7:30 PM. I can’t say that I blame them.

Serenaded By An Irishman

Katie and Divya being SerandedKatie being Serenaded by an Irishman
A group of 20-30 Irishmen were singing “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash, “Why, why, Delia,” and other football fight songs. As Katie led the Partum Group out of the Irish Pub, one Irishman mentioned something about Austin not having many horses. Katie quickly quipped that “Kentucky has horses!” Apparently “Kentucky has horses!” is Gaelic for “sing to me.” The Irishman pulled Katie to the microphone and sang an Irish ballad. When the ballad talked about a black-haired maiden, Katie humored the crowd and let the singer know she had brown hair. Quickly, the Irishman pulled Divya (who better fit the ballad’s hair description).

One Presentation Down…

The first presentation at 9 AM went well. The Partum Group presented infront of two judges from Austin. The group performed well and answered some tough questions from the judges.

Partum has made great strides since the initial concept presentation in April 2007. With over $90,000 in funding so far, Partum is looking to take receipt of their prototype within the next month.

James Mudd, VP of Business Development never thought a class project would lead to a business concept competition, or to actual product development.

Next on the agenda: Trade show at 5:30 PM CST.

Local newspaper article:

And They’re Off

While any people in Louisville are gearing up for the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby, three students from the College of Business’ MBA program are competing in the 2008 Moot Corp competition in Austin, TX. The competition brings nearly 40 teams of MBA students from around the world vying for $100,000 in prize monies and related business services.

The Partum Group, will give their first presentation to a group of venture capitalist judges to receive additional feedback before the competition officially starts on Friday, May 2, 2008. The Partum Group has created a business around a medical device that will enhance patient safety, nursing efficiency, and physician diagnosis in the labor and delivery departments of hospitals.

Members Divya Cantor, MD, Katie Dawson, and James Mudd, will give their first presentation at 9AM CST/10 AM EST. Faculty adviser Van Clouse, PhD, is accompanying the team to Austin, TX.


RJS has made it home safely after a fantastic trip to UT-Austin and Moot Corp. We spent Saturday morning watching the semifinal rounds, where some teams we have seen at previous competitions were presenting. After watching our friends from the University of Illinois-Chicago, Georgia and Manitoba, we headed into town for some Texas barbecue. Then it was time for the finals where we saw 3 of the 4 competitors present, including Mullis Enterprises from Georgia, our rivals Power Prawns from Thammasat University and Omega Sensors from San Diego State University. All of the presentations were great and they all handled the constant interruptions and Q & A from the judges very well.

Trade Show PicRJS received recognition at the awards ceremony for being the wildcard runner-up. We received quite the ovation when our name was announced; one that rivaled all but the finalists’ ovations.

The night was capped off by a big celebration, where all of these teams that have competed against one another multiple times across the country enjoyed each other’s company and conversation before it was time to head home. There is no doubt that all of the ventures at Moot Corp will go on to be successes. For RJS, the academic end of the business plan is over. It is now time to get ready for the launch of Pulse.


Random Thoughts

Well, we have come together as a team and given all the energy that we had to give. We all felt that we gave 110%. We left it all on the table…. No more clichés….

The best part of being at this competition was having the opportunity to see that the University of Louisville prepped RJS as well, if not better, than any other school that we went up against. We are very proud to have been through this program and to have finished 11th in the world for business plans, and soon FIRST in revenue!

This team and this company has what it takes to go forward to raise venture funding and succeed in the global marketplace. We are the class of 2007 for Moot Corp and intend to take this business live this summer, offering the highest quality spirits to the world. PULSE will be remembered at UoL AND UT-Austin as the team that provided enjoyment and excitement during rather stressful, high intensity moments. The next stage is to raise capital, launch the product and watch the whole world Pulse.


RJS First Runner-Up

Eight first runner-up teams from the first round competed in the Muphree Venture Challenge Friday afternoon to determine two teams to move forward to the semi-finals Saturday. RJS was first runner-up in its Muphree Venture Challenge track and has now completed its great run at Moot Corp.

One of our judges in the Murphree Venture Challenge commented that “RJS’ presentation was A+ and one of the best ever in 18 years of investment banking”.

Today we will attend the semi-finals this morning, the finals this afternoon, and the awards ceremony tonight.

The RJS team members will share their thoughts later.

Dr. Clouse