Random Thoughts

Well, we have come together as a team and given all the energy that we had to give. We all felt that we gave 110%. We left it all on the table…. No more clichés….

The best part of being at this competition was having the opportunity to see that the University of Louisville prepped RJS as well, if not better, than any other school that we went up against. We are very proud to have been through this program and to have finished 11th in the world for business plans, and soon FIRST in revenue!

This team and this company has what it takes to go forward to raise venture funding and succeed in the global marketplace. We are the class of 2007 for Moot Corp and intend to take this business live this summer, offering the highest quality spirits to the world. PULSE will be remembered at UoL AND UT-Austin as the team that provided enjoyment and excitement during rather stressful, high intensity moments. The next stage is to raise capital, launch the product and watch the whole world Pulse.


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