Serenaded By An Irishman

Katie and Divya being SerandedKatie being Serenaded by an Irishman
A group of 20-30 Irishmen were singing “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash, “Why, why, Delia,” and other football fight songs. As Katie led the Partum Group out of the Irish Pub, one Irishman mentioned something about Austin not having many horses. Katie quickly quipped that “Kentucky has horses!” Apparently “Kentucky has horses!” is Gaelic for “sing to me.” The Irishman pulled Katie to the microphone and sang an Irish ballad. When the ballad talked about a black-haired maiden, Katie humored the crowd and let the singer know she had brown hair. Quickly, the Irishman pulled Divya (who better fit the ballad’s hair description).

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