Dobry Den! (Hello!)

Hi Everyone,

I have returned from Prague and wish I was still there!!! It is the prettiest city I have ever seen! The architecture was great, and there was always something new that you didn’t see before. Our Professor was super-smart and we were so impressed with his knowledge.

Being exposed to the different culture really opened up my eyes to how people do the smallest things differently. For example, you do not get free refills on soft drinks at restaurants. You have to pay for each pack of ketchup at Mcdonalds (about 32 cents in US Dollars)! Also, our professor informed us that students don’t ask questions or participate in class AT ALL. Banks and other businesses close for about 1-2 hours during lunchtime.

Overall, my trip was great and I am definitely going to try to return in the future! If you ever get the chance to go abroad, TAKE IT!

-Camille Moore

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