Prague … the most amazing trip of my life. A lot of people say traveling abroad is a life changing experience and I couldn’t really imagine what they were speaking of until I traveled to Prague! Even though it was for only 2 weeks, my life will forever be changed. I was extremely tired when the trip was over, but I was determined to see everything my feet would take me to! The food was amazing and the architecture was beautiful! The only thing I didn’t like was people smoking in restaurants or bars, but that wasn’t too bad because of how clean they kept the city!

The hotel was great for the 2 weeks; it had a great breakfast every morning and it was just a walk away from our school and the main part of the city. The class was rather difficult because it was economics based rather than finance, but I got through it! Another great part of the trip was our group. Even though we hung out with 3-4 people when we were relaxing, we all intermingled throughout the whole trip. So I got to know the entire group and we all were respectful of each other!

I set a limit that I have to travel at least every 5 years and I will stick to it! Also, I should have listened to Allie earlier and studied abroad for a semester!

-Stephanie Loper

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