Serenaded By An Irishman

Katie and Divya being SerandedKatie being Serenaded by an Irishman
A group of 20-30 Irishmen were singing “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash, “Why, why, Delia,” and other football fight songs. As Katie led the Partum Group out of the Irish Pub, one Irishman mentioned something about Austin not having many horses. Katie quickly quipped that “Kentucky has horses!” Apparently “Kentucky has horses!” is Gaelic for “sing to me.” The Irishman pulled Katie to the microphone and sang an Irish ballad. When the ballad talked about a black-haired maiden, Katie humored the crowd and let the singer know she had brown hair. Quickly, the Irishman pulled Divya (who better fit the ballad’s hair description).

Two months later.

Okay so it’s been a while since my last post….what can I say I’m having a great time! Well after spending close to two months in Jinan life just gets easier and easier.

Let’s get started with the class load. If you are coming to Shandong University to study Mandarin be prepared for an intense class load. Depending on your skill level, which is determined by a placement test, you will have roughly 20-25 hours of classes a week. The amount of time spent in the classroom should be a testament to how well your Mandarin improves.

Let’s talk about food. Jinan is way cheaper than other big cities like Beijing and Shanghai; I can honestly say that you can eat three meals a day for about 3-5 US Dollars. Obviously the majority of the cuisine offered in Jinan is Chinese; however, there are variety of other choices such as Italian, Japanese, and Pakistani. Also located on Shandong University’s campus is a four-story cafeteria with a variety of Chinese selections. If you are having a hard time adjusting to authentic Chinese cuisine, there is always McDonalds and KFC both of which are walking distance from the campus. If you want to do grocery shopping there are plenty of grocery stores located in Jinan. The one that most international students go to is Carrefour.

Let’s move on to transportation. The main modes of transportation in China is walking or riding a bike. A bike can be purchased in Jinan for about 100 RMB. Public transportation in Jinan is very cheap and pretty convenient. A bus ride costs 1 RMB and taxi meters start out at 7.50 RMB.

All in all the lifestyle in Jinan is pretty simple. The people in Jinan are very nice and welcoming of foreigners. Though Jinan is quite small, it is located close to major cities like Beijing and Qingdao (three and a half hours by train). If you ever feel the need to get away, you are only a train ride away. Well that’s all for now, until next time. Zai-jian!

A village somewhere in the Shandong Province
Yes, it’s a scorpion!
Yes, I’m about to eat it.
More of the VillageMore of the village

One Presentation Down…

The first presentation at 9 AM went well. The Partum Group presented infront of two judges from Austin. The group performed well and answered some tough questions from the judges.

Partum has made great strides since the initial concept presentation in April 2007. With over $90,000 in funding so far, Partum is looking to take receipt of their prototype within the next month.

James Mudd, VP of Business Development never thought a class project would lead to a business concept competition, or to actual product development.

Next on the agenda: Trade show at 5:30 PM CST.

Local newspaper article:

And They’re Off

While any people in Louisville are gearing up for the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby, three students from the College of Business’ MBA program are competing in the 2008 Moot Corp competition in Austin, TX. The competition brings nearly 40 teams of MBA students from around the world vying for $100,000 in prize monies and related business services.

The Partum Group, will give their first presentation to a group of venture capitalist judges to receive additional feedback before the competition officially starts on Friday, May 2, 2008. The Partum Group has created a business around a medical device that will enhance patient safety, nursing efficiency, and physician diagnosis in the labor and delivery departments of hospitals.

Members Divya Cantor, MD, Katie Dawson, and James Mudd, will give their first presentation at 9AM CST/10 AM EST. Faculty adviser Van Clouse, PhD, is accompanying the team to Austin, TX.