We’re off to the races!

No garland at the end of this one, but a lot is at stake. I know the entire RJS team is pumped up beyond belief and ready to represent the UL College of Business and the IMBA program in this, the premier business plan competition worldwide.

The plane leaves in about 2 hours, and I’m about to zip up my bags. Early thoughts of ‘bring it on, Thommasat!’ are only echoes of ‘step up Loyola!’ and ‘give me your best shot Nebraska!’ Come on, right here on the chin…. there isn’t one among us that can’t take it!

They say every dog has his day…. I’m thinking this underdog is going to need two, and the coming Friday and Saturday of this first week of May, 2007…. well, they sound like great days to me.


Let’s get it started…

Moot Corp is what we have worked so hard for these last several months. During the Business Plan circuit, we have had the opportunity to compete at the highest levels, sparred with the toughest venture capitalists around, and earned the respect of many along the way. I must admit it’s tough to compete against “the cure for cancer” when you are pushing an energy enhanced citrus liqueur, but we rose to the challenge on several occaisions and I expect RJS to raise its game yet again for the big one; Moot Corp “the Superbowl of Business Plan Competitions.”


On our way

We have a very exciting and intense weekend coming up. While everyone is placing their bets on Oaks and Derby horses, we’ll be honing the skills we’ve gained from the IMBA program and presenting our business plan in front of the best of the best. Looking forward to it!


RJS Makes Final Preparations for Moot Corp

The entire team met tonight to conduct a final practice session and coordiante last minute details before heading to the airport Wednesday morning for the flight to Austin, TX. The next few days hold lots of possibilities for the team, the IMBA program, and the College of Business. The competition RJS has targeted for nearly two years is almost here.

Dr. Clouse