The food in China is great, I can as much as I want and I am still losing weight. I ate hot pot for first time yesterday and it was a great experience. Very delicious.

I have not got used to the random stares by Chinese people. Which is not what I am used to. But it is cool sometimes and I don’t mind the attention. But China has been fun and a great experience so far

Made it through the first week

The first week in China was difficult for me, I had to adjust to a lot of different sleeping schedule and adjust to it being completely different from the US. It has been a week and I feel like I have finally adjusted to it and I am feeling better about things. I went on a tour of shanghai with my study abroad group and saw some very cool things. Shanghai is a really nice city.


Arriving to China was very cool, the flight was not that bad, the movie selection was pretty good. I wish I would have slept more on the flight. I got in late Saturday night. Making sure your phone is unlocked is important,mine was not unlocked when I first arrived. i bought a SIM card and portable WiFi device at the airport, I would not recommend doing this. The people helping run the program will help you set up a phone plan while you are here and a bank account. Unlocking your phone is not very hard if you forgot to do it before you arrive, just google how to do it, or you get someone here to do it. I got suckered into a black market taxi and paid way to much for a taxi but it’s okay I learned a valuable lesson. They have an app call “didi” which is like Chinese Uber which someone used to get from the airport to campus. But once I arrived at my destination I got out of the car and just started walking and did not know where I was going at all but thankfully someone saw me and stopped me and helped me. Took me to the right way and helped me all the way to my room. Without her I don’t know what I would have done. Her name is Ma Pu she is Japanese and studying Chinese. I am hoping to see again. The first couple nights I woke up every morning about 4 and I only have been sleeping about 4 hours. Last night (which it is not Tuesday as I am writing this)I finally got some good rest and I feel a lot better today. I am enjoying it here in Shanghai it is a lot different and some people will stare at you