Madrid Bull Fights

During my weekend in Madrid my friends thought it would be a very cool experience to immerse ourselves into the culture and attend a bull fight. Bull fighting is a big event in Spain and the matadors are highly regarded in the culture. For example, while flipping through a magazine I saw small articles about celebrities right next to massive articles about bull fighters. Upon arrival the locals were tailgating the event in the square while we were bracing ourselves. When we got into the arena the atmosphere was electric all of the people were very excited. Then the fight started. Watching it was not as bad as I thought because of the energy of the locals but as an animal lover it was a little unbearable at times. However it was a very cool and to experience something that many people don’t get to experience, especially because it will most likely be considered illegal in a few years. Overall, I learned through this experience to always keep an open mind when traveling and taking place in different activities that you are not used to. If you maintain an open mind you may not like certain things but you will never have a bad time. 

Venice Carnival

It is carnival season! Recently I took a weekend trip to Italy were I got to experience Venice Carnival. Venice carnival is the second largest carnival that takes place in the world. Thousands of tourist flock to the island city to experience the tradition that happens every year. I arrived for the kick off of the event and it succeeded its hype. Everyone wears mascaraed mask the whole time which is very cool to see the details of the mask. To put it into perspective their mask are like our derby hats. Then the carnival kicked off with a parade as most events do, but since Venice doesn’t have streets the parade flowed through the city canals. This years theme was blame the moon so all of the floats had that incorporated into them. I thought this parade was very interesting because while it was a parade it felt more like a performance. Most the parades I have seen just have giant beautiful floats but these floats had dancers and performers on them which was very cool. It was very cool to see this cultural event that has been taking place for centuries happen and I would recommend anyone studying abroad in the spring to check it out.