Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands was like something I’ve never seen before. The whole time I was there it didn’t feel real. The city is flooded with canals, bikes, awesome museums, and delicious food. The city has over 100 kilometers of canals, 90 islands, and over 1500 bridges. These canals are lined with storybook houses. Some are tilting because they were built on stilts and the land is shifting, but they are all tall and slim with open windows and hooks at the tops of them so they could bring the furniture in through the window. These canals are also lined with bikes! Every where you go people are zooming past you in individual bikes or two person bikes. I had the opportunity to go to The National Amsterdam Museum, Van Gogh Museum and the Tulip Museum, Each were equally fascinating. The food was my favorite thing. They had every food you could imagine and they weren’t lacking on the sweets. The Stroopwaffels were life changing in the famous Pancake Factory blew me away. Amsterdam was different from all the other cities I’ve seen so far and that’s what made it so special. I will definitely be going back!