5 Must-See Places When Visiting Denmark

Denmark may not be the most common or even the most exciting tourist destination, but this little country still has plenty to offer. Most tourists will never get outside of Copenhagen, and that’s okay, but I still want to draw attention to some of the smaller cities and the lovely things they have to offer as well.

#1 – Tivoli Gardens – Copenhagen

This amusement park may not have the tallest or fastest rides you’ve ever been on, but it was good enough to inspire Walt Disney to create Disneyland. That’s right – Mr. Disney himself made the trip to Denmark to take notes on how to create a successful, fun amusement park. In addition to the rides, Tivoli also has a theater, gardens, concerts, shops, and much more! It’s been open since 1843 and is still pleasing crowds in 2018.

#2 – Den Gamle By – Aarhus

Den Gamle By, which means “the old city”, is really a one-of-a-kind experience. Right in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city, lies this attraction that truly takes you back in time. Upon entry, visitors are shown what life was like in Denmark prior to 1900, and they know how to keep it authentic. There are farms and homes set up with actors who dress the part and can tell you all about what life is like in this time period. If you find something nice at the store you’d like to buy, it’s cash only, please. Credit cards didn’t exist in 1900, so they won’t be found here! The last way that they stay authentic is through the houses. There are over 30 historic houses inside Den Gamle By that have been transported from all over Denmark. As you make your way through the attraction, you’ll go through different time periods, all the way until you reach the 1970s. It’s amazing to see how much life has changed!

#3 – Aros – Aarhus

Aros is a modern art museum that I just fell in love with. I’m not usually one for art museums, but Aros is different. The most incredible thing about Aros is the rainbow panorama located on the roof. Visitors can walk up to the roof and have a nice rooftop meal before entering the panorama. As you walk around it, the city changes color right before your eyes. There’s no way to describe it that does it justice – you just have to see for yourself. I passed Aros every day on my way to school, and when the sun shines just right, you can see the colors of the panorama reflected around the city like an ever-present rainbow.

#4 Where the two seas meet – Skagen

Skagen, the northernmost part in Denmark, is home to breathtaking views of where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. What’s so crazy about two bodies of water coming together, you ask? Well, as you can see in the picture above, these seas don’t mix! There’s a clear distinction between the two seas and it is amazing to watch the waves crash against each other but never mix.

#5 – Amalienborg – Copenhagen

It’s the Buckingham Palace of Copenhagen – the home of the royal family. As you can see from the photo above, it’s a beautiful piece of architecture. Visiting a royal palace is something you just can’t do in America, so it’s nice to see something completely unfamiliar. Fun fact: If the Danish flag is raised, the queen is home. If it’s at half mast, she’s away. The same goes for the other close-by buildings where her grown sons live with their families.