Six month life as an exchange student

I think this semester is meaningful and special for me. At the first day of the Welcome meeting in the McEwan Hall, there are more than 1000 students to participate, it represents this semester the university have thousands of exchange students came from different countries around the world to choose University of Edinburgh as place to continue their further education. The number of students made me surprised. After all, University of Edinburgh is a one of the famous university in the world. And I also joined the welcome party from business school, and I met some friends from different countries. When studying in the University of Edinburgh, the style of learning is not same as the United States. For instance, the demand for consciousness is higher here, professor don’t care about your attendance. The lecture no more than 50 students. Also, the assessment information are consists of one group project and only one exam across one semester. Student only can choose three classes to take each semester. In the University of Louisville, we probably have four exams and some quiz as the usual time, but mainly are multiple choices. In addition, most of students only have one class for each course within one week. Therefore, I spent most of the rest time traveling around Europe. When had a group project, most of members spends a lot of efforts to their job. I have to mention that it’s difficult for me to understand thick Scottish accent. Edinburgh as the capital city of Scotland, compare to Louisville, will more lively in city centre and evening. It’s so distinctive to the lifestyle in the Louisville. Besides, most of Edinburgh’s housing and building were built since hundreds year ago, it makes city look historical and cultural. But I need to mention that Edinburgh not well, at least I don’t like it. Windy, rainy and still cold even on May. The winter almost from October to April.

At first, I went to London, a big and bustle city similar to New York City. Others country such as France, the Czech Republic and Brussel. They don’t have too many skyscrapers, instead, lots of tradition decoration buildings with European atmosphere. Quite uniquely different city structure to the US. My favourite country is Switzerland, a beautiful and peaceful place. The snow mountain is particularly beautiful around city. The train never miss the time it shows on the schedule lists. When you living in one of Europe countries, it’s so convenience for you to go to any Europe country. Going to different countries in Europe as we go to every states. When I went to Belgium for four days trip, I also went to Luxembourg, three hours train from Brussel. Train are convenient and main transportation for Europe people as their travel method. That’s why I love Europe, public transportation is developed and convenient. Not like the US, mostly travel by aircraft or self- drive, developed public transportation only in some big cities. Compare to the US, the price will little higher such as food, transportation. But relatively cheap when travel by air. Most of people would love to choose low cost flight such as EasyJet, Ryanair. When I flied from Edinburgh to Copenhagen, it costs me no more than $50. It’s a cheap way for student to travel. Furthermore, I also went to Morocco, North Africa in the spring break (20 days learning day before final exam). If I studied in the Louisville, it’s hard for me to have chance to go to Africa, and it will cost a lot when taking plane and spend more time. I only spend no more than $300 fly from Manchester to Casablanca (more than $1000 to set off in Louisville).

Last but not least, you can always find some new thing everywhere in Europe. I prefer to the Europe’s lifestyle, relaxed and cautious about the thing to do.

After living in the UK and traveling around the Europe, allows me to learn more culture and show me a totally different world.

London Travel Guides

I spend ten days in London during Christmas and New Year Eve. UK is great and it’s different from USA. The following information I will talk about some travel guides to you.

First, when you come to UK, the voltage in Britain is the same as that in EU countries, which is 230 volts. But you need to prepare a conversion plug, British plug’s shape is different from USA.

Second, if you spend more than two days in Loncon, you can buy the London Pass, it includes more than 70 attractions you can go for free, such as Tower of London, Thames River Boat Cruise and Westminster Abbey. It will help you save a lot of money. In addition, all of museum are free in the UK. For convenience, you should buy oyster card which is the transportation card in London, single ride to take subway is 2.4 pounds and 1.5 pounds to take bus. London divides into many zones, but most of attractions are within zone 1. No matter how many times you take the subway or bus, deduction of up to 6.8 pounds a day within zone 1 and zone 2. It’s very expensive to take taxi in London, but I am not sure the price, because I haven’t took taxi when I was in London.

Furthermore, there is a question in the UK. How to tip in UK? European countries are not mandatory tip. In general, it’s not uncommon to tip in the UK. Some restaurants have ‘Service Included’ on the bill, so there’s no need to tip.

There are lots of delicious food in the London. So you don’t worry you will hungry. If you come to UK, you should try the afternoon tea, there are many flavor of cakes and tea you could choose. When you dine in, it will be expensive than take away. For example, you buy a cake and take away, it only spends 2.95 pounds. Or spend 4.25 pounds to eat in the café.