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Shanghai, China Arrival Blog #1

May 20th, 2017

First day in Shanghai,

Transportation: Getting to your destination

When you come out of the airport or train station, make sure to look for a “real” taxi or other transportation like subway. I believe taxi would be your best choice for the most part since you are new to the city and have your luggage with you. To look for a real taxi, you may follow the signs in the airport or train station, or go outside and look for a car with a sign in front of the car showing “??” (Kong Che, Empty Car). Avoid the people that coming up to you, they are not real taxi drivers. They are what is called “Black Taxi,” also known as illegal taxi. However, if you are able to speak Chinese pretty well, you might get a better price than a real taxi by talking down the price, but to be safe, go with a real taxi.

Once you find your taxi, show the driver the address. Then pay him according the meter inside the car.

Good Luck.