After spending my time abroad in Sevilla, Spain I never really realized how reliant people in the U.S. are on cars. One of the best recommendations I can offer, is using the bike system. Over in Europe, more frequent than not, countries are deciding to implement transit bike systems. At first, my roommate and I were a bit skeptical to buy a package at first, but after a night out and an unfortunately pricey taxi we decided to go for it. I can honestly say I’m angry we waited so long utilize the system. The Sevici Bike System made navigation easier: no more walking to class, we were allotted more time to explore and less time walking home, no expensive taxi’s home, and a chance to spend more time with our friends from the program. Spend the money and buy the yearly package; a week is 13 euros but the year is only 30. A warning, I found them fairly easy to operate but my roommate had some difficulties. From time to time they will become stuck in racks or if you’re not too careful you may even fall off for no reason!! Lmao.