Study Abroad = Sweet

When you think of Europe, what comes to mind?

Maybe you picture some of the historic, beautiful cities like Paris and Rome.
Maybe you think of all the different cultures and languages overlapping in such a small area.
Maybe you even think of some of the famous dishes such as Italian Pizza or Spanish Tapas.

If you would have asked me this question before I moved to The Netherlands, I probably would have given you answers quite similar to these. But after only a couple of months, I am pleased to say that one of the top things that now comes to my mind when I tell other people about Europe is chocolate. Yes, chocolate.

The chocolate over here is SO DELICIOUS!

The grocery stores are lined with decadent assortments of chocolate – all so pure and tasty! Best of all, it isn’t even that expensive! I have tried so many different types of chocolate in Europe; here is a list just to name a few.

1. Kinder
2. Neuhaus
3. 85% cocoa
4. Milka S’mores
5. Mauxion Dark Chocolate
6. Milka Oreo
7. Milka White Chocolate
8. Cote D’Or Bon Bon Bloc Praline Wit
9. Bros Luchtige Pure Chocolate
10. Cote D’or Gout-Smaak Advocaat
11. Jumbo Chocolade Puur
12. Jumbo Wit Chocolade Tablet
13. Sprungli
14. Arthur Tuytel
15. Chocolate Amatller Blanco
16. Chocolate Amatller Con Leche
17. Droste Holland Pastilles Dark chocolate
18. Hands off My Chocolate Friendly Dark
19. Milka Carmel
20. Milka Collage

At this point you’re probably wondering how my clothes still fit, but no need to worry! As I am clearly an avid eater of chocolate, I am also an avid runner!

I bolded two of the chocolates on my list: Neuhaus and Sprungli. Neuhaus is from Belgium and Sprungli is from Switzerland. If you remember one thing from this post let it be that the countries know for their chocolate are WELL WORTH THE HYPE (Belgian chocolate and Swiss chocolate)! I tried Neuhaus my first weekend abroad and I ate all of the chocolate on my train ride back from Brussels. In the Zurich airport, I practically did the same thing and ate all of my chocolates waiting to board my flight. These two chocolates are must-tries for anyone coming to Europe!

I sincerely hope you get the opportunity to travel the world and taste many different chocolates on your journey! My trip has been fabulous so far, meeting a lot of awesome people and seeing a lot of amazing places. The chocolate has just made this experience a little sweeter!

Happy travels!

Anna Ochs
Chocolate Extraordinaire
“A chocolate bar a day, keeps the doctor away.”