Lessons from an over-packing, picture-taking, fish eating world traveler

What I learned in my two weeks in Eastern Europe:

  •  Pack band-aids because even your orthopedic walking shoes can give you blisters
  •  Take laundry detergent packets because washing clothes in a hotel sink is a good experience
  •  Always pack a bigger carry on than you need so you don’t have to buy a new one in Prague (:
  •  Make friends with the hotel bar tender because you will learn a lot
  •  Always order the fish with the head on it (even if you can’t cut it yourself)
  •  Never eat a whole pepper in one bite even if it looks like Papa John’s peppers because it’s NOT Papa’s pepper
  •  Try every drink, food, candy, etc. put in front of you
  •  Definitely taste the water at Plitvice Lakes
  •  Always ask your tour guide questions (even if it gets personal)
  •  Be prepared to toss all your toiletries on the way home when your suitcase is 10 lbs over the limit
  • Spend all your extra currency on candy instead of exchanging it for US dollars
  • Gummy bears in Europe > Gummy bears in the US
  •  St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague should be on everyone’s “Must See” list
  •  Always check translations before testing out your new phrases (Croatian boys are very immature)
  •  Take a ton of pictures. If you think you’re taking too many, you’re probably not taking enough
  •  Enjoy the experience for all it is and be open to different cultures and customs!!!!